A-PAC Charter

  1. A-PAC is Australia's Public Affairs Channel and is operated on a not for profit basis, fully funded by FOXTEL and produced by AUSTRALIAN NEWS CHANNEL as a free service to all Australians.
  2. A-PAC's principal mission is to be a platform for discussion and debate and to encourage participation in democracy across Australian society.
  3. A-PAC's primary programming commitment is to the coverage of proceedings in the Federal, State and Territory Parliaments in a manner in which Australians can openly experience the political process in action.
  4. A-PAC is a platform neutral service and will be made available to all technologies including Subscription Television and online at www.a-pac.tv.
  5. A-PAC encourages involvement from all Australians in the democratic process and welcomes submissions for consideration as programming on the channel.
  6. A-PAC will be an editorially independent channel and its programming will reflect the broad spectrum of opinion and debate, free of commercial or political consideration.
  7. A-PAC will actively encourage the use of the channel as an educational resource for all Australian schools.
  8. A-PAC will make Australian programming available globally to encourage international engagement and understanding of the Australian democratic process.
  9. A-PAC will include international programming including from the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Europe and other countries to foster a greater understanding of international affairs.
  10. A-PAC will accept sponsorship of programming (with the exception of Parliamentary proceedings) on the basis that revenues derived from those sponsorships are re-invested in the channel.